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Thousands of clients trust us year after year.

Our team of mortgage professionals has assisted thousands of Canadian clients, arranging home financing, for over 26 years. In 1993, Kim Currie began sourcing mortgages for Canadians. Kim’s success was rapid in the first few years, he quickly realized that in order to meet his client’s demands, he would need a team.

Fast forward 20 years to today… the team consists of Kim Currie, Susan Fieseler, Larah Currie, Domenica Silva and Marc Visser. This team of customer service oriented mortgage agents are fully licensed in Ontario to sell mortgages throughout Canada. This group of home loan negotiators, have a combined total of over 65 years of experience. Our history, experience and team size, enables us to respond quickly and accurately to all types of residential mortgages.

When you feel comfortable with your knowledge of the mortgage process, we will then prepare your file to get the best deal for you.

How are we able to get you the best mortgage?
We have access to 50+ different lenders. Having so many different and unique sources of funding offers a great variety of mortgage products, such as: variable rate mortgages, fixed rate mortgages, closed mortgages, open mortgages, private mortgages and various amortization periods.

Kim Currie Mortgage Broker Located in Burlington Ontario Canada

Kim Currie

Top Broker Of the Year 2018, in number of Deals for TMG Canada.

Lending Diversity Personified.

Unlike the Big Banks we are able to “Think outside the branch” and explore mortgage options that are not available at one single institution. With ever-changing laws that govern the mortgage industry (most recently the B-20 stress test laws), larger companies are slower to react and may be stuck offering out of date products.

The Big banks can only offer the products from their own business and don’t have access to products from their competitors (brokers do!). Bank employees selling mortgages do not need to be licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, whereas mortgage brokers and agents do. This can often lead to a junior employee with little or no experience, filling the seat. Would you trust a person that doesn’t have professional accreditation, is only offering limited products and may be new to the job to assist you with your largest asset?

As an independent brokerage, we have access 50+ lenders, including big banks. This access gives us the ability to sort through all lender offers and match the best interest rate, possibly lowering your mortgage payment and trying to avoiding any mortgage fees or penalties. We simplify this process for you, by having you fill out one application that we can then shop to multiple lenders, a process you would have to repeat at each different institution, if you did it yourself. Our job is to make the process as easy as possible for you acting on your behalf, submitting documentation from bank accounts, credit cards, income verification, previous mortgage statements, property taxes and many others. We arrange and file your details in a way that the lenders like and this makes your mortgage application more attractive to them. This will help your chances of getting accepted, the first time.

Offering the best products from over 50 lending partners.

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